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Hey there,
It's Mop. This week our school started up again and I thought I would share some study tips (this post is from our old blog)
1. Study, break, study
The way you study is generally controlled by the intervals your breaks are at. The productivity and amount of information retained is significantly higher if you take a break rather than study for hours at a time. I have a 'study cycle' which I use to time my breaks. This cycle does change depending on what subject I am doing, because subjects vary in difficulty and intensity, depending on what they r. My average study cycle goes something like this: study 30 mins, break 10 mins, study 20 mins, break 5 mins, study 10 mins break 15 mins. This adds up to roughly 90 minutes of study. 

2. Textbook time
If you read you textbook without an issue, that's great! If, like most people, you have a problem focusing on tiny print and big words, there are a variety of methods available to research on helping you concentrate. I have included two which I find particularly effective. 

3. Teach it
Teaching what you learn helps you understand the information you're studying. Good people to teach your information to are parents, siblings but most importantly class mates, because you both get something out of it!
Did I miss anything? What do you do to study more effectively?

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