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Why I have a personal art journal.

Hey there,
It's Poppy, today like I said in my last post I am going to talk about a personal art journal. //just a warning I have a lot to say about this so get comfy- we could be here a while as I dive into my gazillion reasons why I love my personal art journal.//

Some people might be different to me. Some people are completely confident with every idea they come up with. These people might have every single one of their drawings stuck up on the wall, proudly showing off what they have created. But I am not that kind of person. I like to show one or two close friends my creations. It is rare that I will post pictures of my art on social media, or even share them on this blog. This is why I have a personal art journal. If you, like me, are shy when you meet people, don't really like making a big fuss and aren't particularly confident in your ideas, or are a perfectionist who wants their ideas to look perfect. A personal art journal is just what you need.

Your personal art journal will vary depending on what type of art you prefer. It could be a folder on your computer- for digital artists, a pile of paintings, a box of origami, a sketchbook of drawings- really it can be anything.

For me, a personal art journal is a way of experimenting with new ideas, gaining confidence with my drawings and having an artistic outlet with no pressure.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you got a similar project? Did you try this one? Did I miss anything?

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  1. I totally feel you-- I need a personal journal also. I have an art and writing and collage and whateverelsepopsintomyhead journal. It is so relaxing for me and helps me to process everything going on in my life. Also, like you, I don't like to share all my art (because even though I believe no art is perfect, I still create some epic fails). Great post!

    1. Thanks Vivian, I agree. It is great to have somewhere to experiment. I like your ideas for other journals and I might give the whateverelsepopsintomyhead journal a go


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