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Snail Mail

Hey there, it's Poppy.
For Christmas last year, I received this Snail Mail book, written by Michelle Mackintosh. It shared some super cute ideas for hand-written letters. This book has inspired me to start writing hand-written letters to some of my friends and family.
Here are some reasons why snail mail is better than email, text or social media.

1.You get to receive letters in the mail. It sounds kind of silly but who doesn't love getting something (that isn't bills or boring stuff like that) in the mail.
2. You take the time to think about what you are writing. No one sends a letter that says ok or hi. People actually take the time and effort to consider what they want to say and put time into their replies.
3. You can make them creative and colourful. I am a visual person and I love things to be colourful and detailed. You can't add hand draw pictures or creative borders to emails. The snail mail book has lots of examples of creative ways to write letters.
4.You can keep all your letters. I have a box in my bedroom that I put all of my letters into. You can keep letters and re-read them whenever you want. They are much more special and significant than text messages.

So while text messages, email and social media are all great snail mail is a fantastic way to connect with long-lost friends, or friends that may have moved away, and family members. Why don't you give it a go? Send a letter to someone (it could even be the lady down the street or your grandparents). Have a go at making a letter interesting and adding a creative design.

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