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Summer has come and passed...

Hi, just letting you know that this is an older post that Mop wrote at the beginning of February. Unfortunately she couldn't write her post for today so I am going to share her favourite summer memories. xPoppy

 Hi guys! It is I, Mop! This is my first post here at Poppy & Mop, and it's about my favourite summer memories. (Also, anyone notice the stunning similarity between this posts title and Green Day lyrics? 😂)

Camping with my mates
Gah. I sound all bogan-ish but it's true, I had loads of fun camping with Poppy and some awesome other friends at the beach to celebrate my birthday. We all enjoyed it loads, apart from when we thought we heard the ice cream truck, but it turned out to be the seafood van, and getting bluebottle stings was also not the best...

My beautiful new cousins
I now have another three little cousins, all who I love very much. I spent a lot of the holidays in Sydney, and even went to the beach with R, who didn't get to eat any chips. I am so grateful that all my cousins are healthy and safe.

Going to Newtown
While staying in Sydney I went to Newtown three times, because there is really nothing like it where I live. I got some pretty cool art supplies and school stuff. I think my favourite Newtown shops would be Art on King, Pentimento, Made590, Oragami Doll and those super cool by vinyl and record stores.

A day at the beach
My family and I had a wonderful time at the beach at Freshwater, near Manly, while we were in Sydney. We found a lovely fish and chips shop, as well as explored the rock pools and splashed around a bit.

Epic Christmas (as usual)
Everyone who I am even vaguely related to I see at the big Christmas dinner with my family (luckily Poppy was there) and I had the most fun playing laser tag, chasing my younger cousins and stuffing my face with pavlova and other food.

Seeing Poppy loads
I don't often get to see Poppy as often as I wish I did, because we live on opposite sides of the city. I got to see her loads over the holidays and I am so happy, because it all lead to this blog.
What are your favourite things to do in the holidays and on the weekends?

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