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 Hey there everyone!

Today's post is a collab post with Vivian from We have each written 5 questions for the other person to answer. I have my answers to Vivian's questions below, to have a look at her answers to my questions have a look at her blog (the post should be up soon). If you would like to do a collab post send us an email, or use our contact form.

1. What Inspires you to blog?
I am inspired to blog by the success stories of other bloggers and because it is such a worry-free (most of the time) way to express my thoughts and feelings.

2.How do you stay organised?
I am slightly over-organised person who is a fan of having everything planned out and the blog is no different. I try to plan my posts at least a week in advance (sometimes it doesn't happen). I use google calendar as an editorial calendar to keep track of where all my posts are up to. And I also use onenote to record all my post ideas and drafts of posts. I prefer this to writing it straight into blogger because I can write posts on the go without using data.

3.Do you have a specific way you like to record post ideas?
I mentioned this in the question above but I like to record my post ideas in onenote. I have a section for post ideas and every time I get an idea I write it straight into a category (one day I will share how I organise my post ideas on the blog).

4.What's it like to write a blog with two authors?
This is an interesting question. I really love having two authors because it means that I get to share all the achievements and some of the work load with someone else but it is also challenging at times. It is hard, particularly if you are a person like me who is willing to do something for someone if they aren't going to do it the way I want it done, to share the blog and trust that the other person will post (this blog is mostly my posts, with the other author only posting occasionally, which you may have noticed :-)).  It is also hard to split the workload equally (I think it may be impossible) and the different authors will always have different levels of commitment to the blog.

5.What is your favourite part of being a blogger? 
I really enjoy being able to share my thoughts and feelings through the blog without worrying about what other people will think. I am not the most confident or outgoing person and I often only share my thoughts with my closest friends and family members, it is nice to have this blog to share my life on and to have a way to express myself.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts below (I'd love to know if you want to see more of this type of post). And don't forget that our photo competition is running, we have had some amazing entries already, until the 6th of July. You can find out a bit more about it here
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  1. Thanks so much for working with me! This post looks great <3

    1. Thanks for working with me as well. I love you post too.


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