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G E T A C T I V E// by mop

Hey guys :) it's mop. I'm not dead, ik.

Today's post is all about getting active! I'm not going to sit here and preach at you to be active, but I am going to tell you why, and how to be active if you so desire.

Why you should be active
Being active has so many health benefits that if I wrote them all here I would probably have enough writing for blog posts for the next seven years, so I thought I'd list some of the ones that I feel directly benefit me the most.
-happier mind
Yes, sometimes doing the harder thing (a.k.a running when you could be a snail) is good for your mental heath. By waking up every morning and doing some form of physical activity you are giving yourself a better outlook on the day. Personally, I dislike (hate with a passion) waking up early, but I definitely do have a better day if I exercise first thing in the morning. Some good activities to try are shuttle runs, yoga and stretching, jogging or walking.
-better breakfast
As a person who struggles every day to even think about eating before 9:30, doing something that makes me hungry definitely makes eating a lot easier. Some great things I like to eat are crumpets (not very healthy but oops), carrots, honey and bread, but most mornings I make a breakfast smoothie using whatever fruit there is around.
-lowers risks of illness
Exercising regularly and keeping healthy drastically lowers the chances that you might get sick. This all comes down to everyones different immune systems (I exercise a lot and got really sick recently). However, being active and healthy really can make all the difference when it comes to bouncing back from a cold or other illness.

How I get active
I exercise quite a bit, and I'm going to share my favourite ways to do so with you :).
-organised sport
Playing an organised sport is probably my favourite and by far the easiest way to get active. Many schools in Australia have sports teams, and even if yours doesn't, there are always clubs. I play hockey, netball and volleyball through my school, but many girls at my school play sports through a club. Another reason why playing an organised sport is great is because it isn't self-directed and you owe it to your team/ squad to be at training and games and competitions. Most teams have one to three training sessions per week, depending on the intensity and level it plays at, with one competition/game per week. Personally, I love team sports because not only is it a great way to get healthy, you make some great friends.
There really is nothing like just going out and running (it is actually one of the things I do when I should be writing blog posts). Most districts have a local oval that you can run on, or you can just run around the block. Running is a great way to see how much fitter you have become because you can time yourself, but you can also see how fast you run and how much stamina you have built up.
-at home yoga and stretching
Stretch out your muscles and relaxing is the best thing to do after a workout. It lowers the chance of getting cramps, stressed ligaments or other injuries if you have a good stretch every now and then. I like to try and touch my toes, stretch out my shoulders, stretch my joints and work on my ankles. 

So there it is. How and why to get active *jazz hands*. I did put research into this post, but I'm not health professional, so remember to seek professional advice if you have any concerns. I hope you are inspired to go and get active, and do the better thing for your health. Make sure you find some funky workout songs too.

qotd: What is you favourite workout song?

aotd: I really like exercising to Teenage Icon by The Vaccines, buy I think that's just my music taste. I don't mind anything as long as it has a good beat.

Comment your answer xx

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