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Honour Girl// book review by mop

Hey everybody:) It's Mop here, today with a book review.

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Book: Honour  Girl
Author: Maggie Thrash
Genre: Autobiography/Memoir, Graphic Novel
Age appropriate: 12+ (language)

In Maggie Thrash's debut novel, Honour Girl, Maggie's story of her first love is told. It is set at a summer camp, where she falls for a senior counsellor there. She has to accept the fact that she has feelings for a girl, an obnoxious shooting mate and the fact that she can't do anything about the way she feels.

Personally, I felt deeply touched by this book. It didn't leave me sad, or happy, or anything really, but it left me with something. The illustrations in the book weren't perfect but somehow they felt... fitting. I also liked the way that the book didn't only focus on the love story, but also on Maggie finding herself.

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