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Review- Copic Markers

Hey there,
Thanks to the person who suggested I do a review post. Today I am going to do a sort-of-review and list some of the things I like about Copic markers. If you have any post suggestions please let us know in the comments.

Copic markers, for those of you who don't know, are an alcohol based marker. They come is many different styles and colours. This website has some more information: .

Here are some things I like about Copic markers.
1. They come in so many different colours, there are more than 100 different colours to choose from.
2.They have replaceable ink, so you only need to buy the marker once.
3.You can blend colours and create shadows using the colourless blender.
4. The different tips make it easy to create different lines, textures and make the markers useful for so many different things.
5.They have a really strong colour and make shading a large area quick and easy.

There is only really one thing that didn't really like about Copic markers and that is that they go through the page unless you have very thick paper. I have adjusted to it now and use thick paper or have something under what I am drawing on so it really doesn't matter that much.

I definitely recommend purchasing some Copic markers, especially if you enjoy art. While they are expensive they last for a long time and the quality is really good.

What do you like about Copic markers? Do you use something else insted?

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  1. Great review - would love to see some book reviews


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