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My Holidays So far...

Hey there Everyone,
It's Poppy again,
I am halfway through my mid-year holidays at the moment. These holidays have been great, I thought that today I might share with you some of the things that I have been doing.

1.Movies- I've been to see hunt for the wilder-people and the BFG these holidays and I absolutely loved them, especially the BFG.

2.Shopping- Last Friday I went to the shops with some of my friends to say goodbye to my friend who is moving to England on Thursday.

3.Cooking- these holidays I have made macarons, melting moments, lamingtons and a lemon and blueberry loaf. I will be posting some more about these later.

4.Blogging- I have spend a lot of time these holidays working to prepare lots of blog posts for when the school term is very busy.

5.Taking photos- I have already shared some of the photos I have taken recently, and I have spent so much time taking and editing photos. (there are some I took at the botanic gardens below)

Have a great week everyone, there will be another post up on Wednesday.
QOTD: What is your favourite movie?
AOTD: There are so many to choose from I have no idea!

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