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Hey everyone :) sorry for not writing last Monday, I totally forgot… anyway, today I thought I’d just give everyone a little update on how things are going right now and talk about what I’ve got planned.

Right now, I am in Sydney, visiting my family (and enjoying the 18 degree weather as compared to home’s –1). Yesterday my mum, sister, granddad and I went into the city to go to Books Kinokuyina. We ended up also having look in Topshop, where I got a $90 dollar skirt, on sale for $25 with a student discount which took it down to $18. At Kinokuyina I got some Pusheen stickers (look it up) and a Virginia Woolf jumper from mum (I will post some photo’s of my jumper and skirt up when I can). Going to Kinokuyina was super hard considering I am saving for my schools study tour to Japan, but all the saving will be worth it because JAPAN! 

I am also enjoying eating more mint slices than usual (s/o to grandparents), chilling with my younger sister and baby cousins, and playing tennis (along with practising hockey on the tennis courts which I don’t think is allowed). My small cousins are tiny, yet have a power over everyone in the household. One of them mysteriously made me read her Peppa Pig’s Golden Boots seven times in one day, without speaking more than 10 words yet and only being as tall as my knee.

I also managed to be given some amazing hand me down dresses from my aunt who has an amazing fashion sense (this will make Poppy happy, she is sick of me wearing the same flannel shirt everywhere). I’m super lucky to get clothes from my aunts (my mum’s younger sisters) on a regular basis, although it has caused me to have rather expensive fashion taste *coughGORMANcough*.
xx Mop

p.s. the song We Don't Have to Dance is what I am listening to on repeat right now, and I'm not really into BVB but Andy solo is amazing

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