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Ways to keep warm in winter.

Hey there, It's Poppy!
It has been really cold and miserable this week where I live. Lots of wind and rain, as well as freezing cold nights and not much warmer days kind of makes me just want to curl up under my doona and never come out! But unfortunately I have other stuff I kinda have to do (like go to school). So that got me thinking about other ways that I can keep warm- flicking the heater on is probably the most obvious one, but have you ever considered what else you could do instead/as well?

1.Hot water bottles- my hot water bottle gets used at least once a day in winter! I almost always have it in my bed about 10-15mins before I go to bed so that my bed is warm when I get in. But I also cuddle up with it when I am reading or going to sleep, to keep me a bit warmer!

2.Socks- not normal socks, but super fluffy, soft and warm socks. I got a set of two from cotton on body a few weeks ago and they keep my toes really warm- especially when I am in bed. But there isn't any reason why you couldn't wear them around the house as well.

3.Hot chocolate/tea- Soon I will be sharing some of my favourite hot drinks but tea and hot
chocolate are great ways to warm up when it is cold outside.

4.Sitting by the fire- if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace it is a great spot to set yourself up near during winter. Make sure you don't sit too close though- you don't want to burn yourself!

5.Soup- soup is one of my favourite things to eat during winter- it warms be up straight away! I really like the sweet potato soup my mum makes!

Do you have any suggestions of ways you can keep warm in winter? I'd also really like you to leave any questions you have in the comments below that I can answer in an upcoming Q&A post.

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