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What should I make next?

Hi there everyone,
It's Poppy again! Today I thought that I might share some different art forms that I enjoy. Everyone has heard of some of these put others aren't so popular and maybe one will be your next favourite artwork!

1.Watercolour painting- who doesn't love watercolour paints? They are so easy to work with and you can create so many different shades and effects without having to buy a lot of paint. You could try doing a shillouette, drip painting or just a normal painting!

2.Scrapbooking- scrapbooking is great fun and a great way to document your travels. You can start scrapbooking with just  book, some paper, pens and glue but once you start you will probably need to get some fancier paper, stickers and other scrapbooking supplies. I love scrapbooking with my instant (polaroid) photos.

3. Photo doodling- this is an art form that isn't really that popular- but I love it. In a drawing class on creative bug I did at the beginning of the year (line drawing) I was introduced to this fun way to reinvent and add interest to photos. Basically you just draw lines, and circles around the main parts of the photo. But you can see the class for more information.

Let me know in the comments if you had a go of any of this, especially the photo drawing! I would love to see photos, you can email them to me at
Have a great day

PS. I would love to hear any questions you have for me to answer in a Q&A post coming up, email them to me or leave them in the comments.

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