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How to use Digital Project life with Photoshop CC

Hiya, It's Poppy here.

Hope you are all having a great week. On Wednesday I shared a review of digital project life which I have been using for the past week. I mentioned  in the review how hard I found it to find a tutorial for creating a scrapbook page in photoshop cc. So I'm going to share how I did it.

1.Download the cards and templates from and 'unzip' the folders. To do this select the folder and press 'extract' you then have to select a new folder to move it to and press ok.

2.Open photoshop cc. You will see a screen that says new, open and has a list of previous documents. Simply click open and find the folder where you saved the templates from before. Click on the template you want to open and press open. The template I have open is template A the original version.

3.A new photoshop document will then open with the template. The first thing I do is save it. Go into the file menu and press 'save as'. I create a new folder for each of my scrapbooks and name the document the page number. So this document will be called 1.

4. Go back to the template in photoshop. You can see a welcome message.

5.On the right hand side of the screen there should be a tab open with a list of the layers.

If you cannot see the layers menu go to the windows tab at the  top of the screen and select layers from about 2/3 of the way down the list. From the layers menu press the eye next to the introduction layer. This will make it invisible.

6.You can then begin to insert cards and pictures into your page. Before you do this it is best to change the layout of the page if you want to. To do this select the item you want to move and hover just outside the selected item and it should let you rotate. Then press the tick at the top of the screen.

7. To insert a image or card press the move tool from the top of the right hand menu and select the space you want to replace 8.Then click file and open.

9.Find the file you want and press open.

10.It will open in a new window

11.Select it and drag it over to the tap with the name of the template, that tab will open and you need to drag your mouse over to where you want the item to appear.

12.It will then appear in the template, as a new layer.

13.Drag it using the move tool so it is on top of the place you want it.

14.To make sure that the edges line up you need to create a clipping mask. Make sure that the image/card appears above the orange/blue card you are replacing in the layer menu.

15.Select the image/card layer that you are adding from the right hand layer menu and right click it, you can then select create clipping mask and the layers will combine.

16.Continue doing this until you have filled the template.

17.Click save in the file menu

18.Open the file menu and click save as.


20.You are done!

Hopefully this tutorial will help make a bit more sense using digital project life. Remember there are free templates you can download from and you can trial photoshop for free. So you can give this a go without having to pay any money!

Have a great weekend, and let me know if you had a go at this and how it went!

 Here are two pages that I have created using the inspire edition full collection, photoshop cc and the A template. (click on them to enlarge them)

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