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Olympic Tag Post.

Hey there,
Vivian from day dreamer, night thinker has created this Olympic themed blogging tag post. In the post she shared she tagged 6 other bloggers, and we were one of them. Today I am going to be sharing her questions and tagging some other bloggers, enjoy.

Team? Australia

If you could compete in an event, what would it be? Probably volleyball or swimming (even though I am not a swimmer).

Favourite event to watch? I love watching the synchronised swimming and diving.

Olympian you most admire? I have no idea, they are all so good!

What sports do you currently play? I play netball

Summer of Winter Olympics? I don't really know. I love watching the skiing at the winter Olympics but the summer Olympics are really good too.

Ever been to see the Olympics in person? Unfortunately no, but hopefully one-day.

A sport that should be in the Olympics? Definitely netball, I'd love to watch the professions play.

What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics?
I would probably be really nervous, but also really excited. I would probably be trying to remember all the last minute coaching points, and things I have to do as well.

Bloggers I tag:
The girls from Jeckles
Fox and wolf from fox and wolf
Fizzy from quirky girl studio
Sky highlights blog
Maya from mini and me blog
Olivia from liv's findings.
If you've been tagged you need to:
-Post your post with your answers to the above questions
-Use the blogging Olympics image (or create you own)
-Thank the person who tagged you and list the rules
-Tag others!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Love your answers! Thanks so much for doing the tag! <3

  2. Thanks for tagging us Vivian :-)


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