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Tips for taking the perfect picture

Hey there everyone, it's Poppy.
Sorry this post is a bit late, I had two assignments due this morning and had to spend all afternoon yesterday finishing them (bibliographies are such a pain...). Anyway today I have planned to share some photography tips with you. I'm no expert but these tips always help me.

1.Move the focus point around.
The same thing can get a bit boring, I try to have the focal object of my photos in the corner or at the bottom sometimes.

2.Try and capture the shadows or reflections.
How cool does it look when you can see the flower you took a photo of reflected in the water below it?

3. Do something different.
Does it really matter if the photo doesn't turn out how you expected? Try taking photos of some different things and you might find that you really like one of them.

4.Change the perspective.
How different does a tree look if you take a photo from the ground looking up? Have a go at changing the perspective of your photo.

5.Play around with colour v black and white.
Try putting a black and white filter on your photo, sometimes it looks really cool.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and great tips!! :) ♥

    1. Thanks Meagan, I'm glad you like the pictures.

  2. These photos. They are so stunning!!! Great tips as well. I need to keep in mind being different

    1. Thanks Vanessa,I need to work on doing some different things as well.


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