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5 Benifits of Playing a Team Sport

Hi there,
On the weekend I played my last netball game of the season, unfortuneatly we lost but it was still really fun playing with my team. That got me thinking about some of the ways that playing a team sport is good for you. I did some research and have put together this list for you.

1.It teaches and improves goal setting and teamwork skills.

2.Playing sport, particularly a team sport, can help improve your self-confidence and confidence in general.

3.You learn and improve leadership skills.

4.You become more persistance and resilient and can manage stress better.

5.Sports improve memory and concentration.

I am sure most of you have played a team sport at sometime in your life, and I encourage you to take on up if you don't already. It is fun, good for you and has lots of hidden benifits. Let me know in the comments what sports you play.

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