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Bullet Journal Update #3

Normally I post these bullet journal updates on a Monday but I am going away tomorrow (!!!!!) so I'm doing it today and I have some posts scheduled for the rest of the week, apologies if I don't get to any comments and/or emails this week.

Yesterday night I brought an actual proper bullet journal, it is a leuchtturm 1917, dotted and a specialised bullet journal. This was probably not necessary but it is a good quality book that will last for a long time, and now that I have experimented and found how much I love bullet journalling I figured that a proper book wouldn't hurt.

Today I am going to share 4 ways to make your bullet journal more interesting.

One super easy way to make your bullet journal is using colour. Simply colouring in the title, or a small doodle can make things heaps more interesting.

I don't really use this in my journal, but you can search on pinterest and instagram and find heaps of examples of beautiful hand lettering that can be a super-easy way to make your bullet journal beautiful.

3.Quotes and sayings
Making your journal interesting can be easy if you just add a few of your favourite quotes every week and/or day. I have a few pages in my bullet journal devoted solely to quotes.

I love spending time adding small pictures to some of my daily and/or weekly logs in my bullet journal. You could add a symbol for the weather or something simple like that to begin.

Have a great week everyone!

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