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My thoughts on Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh

Hi there everyone! It's Poppy again.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the snail mail book I got for Christmas. For my birthday in June I received another book my Michelle Mackintosh. This one was called Care Packages. It was all about putting together and sending care packages to others. While I haven't read all of it I have read a few pages and it looks amazing.

As the book explains, care packages originated shortly after world war two. The first CARE packages were sent by an organisation called the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (which is now known as the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) to Europe, where there were huge number of people at risk of starvation. Since then the term 'care package' has come to mean a parcel sent for comfort, or to help someone out. And this book is full of examples of care packages you could send! And what to put in them.

I definitely recommend this book. Even if you don't have anyone in particular to send a care package too, you could give someone one for their birthday or Christmas- or even just to say thank you. I'm sure they would love it.

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