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September Photo Challenge

Hey everyone.
Last month I write up an August Photo-a-Day challenge and challenged all of you to take a photo every single day for the 31 days of August. I don't know how many of you did it but I do know that I tried (and failed) to keep up with everything and taking a photo every single day. I really liked the idea of a photo challenge but I couldn't work it into my already bursting schedule. But that gave me the idea of something a bit more relaxed and easier to fit into your lifestyle.  (Drum roll please.....)

The September Photo Collage Challenge
The September Photo Collage Challenge is simple (I guess) and it allows you to fit the challenge in and adapt it to suit your lifestyle.
The challenge is to, between now and the last day of September, fill a 3x3, or 4x4 or 5x5 or even 6x6 or 9x9 (if you are feeling ambitious) grid of photos. You choose the sized grid that you think will be most achievable for you (if you think you can take 81 different photos in the next 26 days go ahead, and make sure you let me know how you go).

Here is how it works:
1.Choose the grid that best fits what you will be able to do (I think I will be doing 5x5 or 4x4, that is only 20-25 photos).
2.Simply take the number of photos in the grid you chose that summarise your September.
3.Try and make the gird as accurate as possible, that is the challenge try and not just take photos of your exciting holiday but capture the not-so-interesting parts of you life as well, if the majority of your September was spent at home doing not-so-much your grid should reflect that.
4.Create the grid, using a collage app or website.

The exciting bit:
I figured that to make this challenge that little bit more exciting I would make it a competition.
If you participate in the challenge and at the end of September decided that your grid is amazing and you want to share it with the world (or the small part who have discovered this blog) you can email it to us (as a photo please) with a short summary about your experience and/or September for the chance to get it displayed on our blog, and the chance to create the October photo challenge with us (if that is what you would like).

So get your cameras ready and start snapping at September! We'd love to know if you are participating, let us know in the comments below. Over the next four weeks we will be sharing some tips and ideas for your September Photo Grid.


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