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25 Bullet Journal Page Ideas for beginners

As I'm sure you know (if you are a regular visitor to this blog) I started a bullet journal recently. I am really enjoying it and find it helps me stay organised and less stressed. (More about that in another post). Today I am going to share 25 page ideas that you could include in a bullet journal. None of these pages are particularly difficult to start and lists like this one are great places to look for inspiration for your own bullet journal.

1.Goals for the year/month
2.Long term goals
3.Bucket list
4.Books you have read
5.Books you want to read
6.Movies/TV shows to watch
7.Movies/TV shows watched
8.Sleep tracker
9.Habit tracker
10.Study schedule
11.Gratitude log
12.Inspirational quote
13.Mood tracker
14.Meal plan
15.Favourite restaurants
16.Grade tracker
17.Holiday plans
18.Things to get excited about
19.Photo challenge tracker
20.A 'brain dump' or general list of stuff
21.Budget tracker
22.Savings tracker
23.Things to do when you are bored
24.List of blog post ideas.
25.List of blog post ideas

What pages do you have in your bullet journal?

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