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Australian Animals

I live in Australia (which I am sure you all know by now) and today I wanted to share a post about some of the Australian animals I have seen recently.

1.Echidna...despite the echidna being one of the animals native to Australia I have never actually seen one in the wild, that is until last weekend. Last weekend I was in the mountains with my family and I saw an echinda 4 times, twice from the car and twice when I was walking. He was so cute and although I couldn't get to close to him I did manage to get some pretty cute photos.

2.Kangaroo....very common near where I live (and pretty much everywhere else too), but it's not too often you get to see a joey!
3.Snake...ah, I hate snakes so much but I really liked this photo, thankfully I don't see to many snakes around my house and there was a nice thick piece of glass between me and this one!
Do you have any photos of animals native to the area around you? You can send them to me at and I might put them on the gallery page of the blog (that is coming soon).

Also, I am going to start posting twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays from now on.

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  1. Love the snake photo, but glad there was glass between it and you. The echidna is super cute.


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