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Chocolate Fix

Hi there everyone,

You know those days when you just feel like chocolate? Sometimes there will be some chocolate in the pantry, or someone will have made a batch of chocolate biscuits, cake or some slice that you can have but more often than not there will not be any chocolate! (apart from cocoa, but that would  be gross all by itself!) This happens to me so often that I thought I might share some of the things I make, that don't take too long, and have an amazing chocolaty taste! Hopefully you will have the ingredients you need to make these in the house, I almost always do!

1. Microwave brownies- I haven't got a recipe for this one, because there are so many out there and the all have different chocolaty-ness, but what could be better than a two-minute microwave brownies with some strawberries or ice-cream? Sure to give you the chocolate hit you are looking for.

2.Hot Chocolate- This hot chocolate recipe is the best one I have every tasted! And that is saying something, considering how many different hot chocolates I have had in my lifetime! But if you don't have a thermomix the recipe on the side of the Cadbury cocoa box is almost as good!

3.Chocolate slice- this chocolate slice takes a bit longer than the other things to make, but the amazing taste definitely makes up for it. This isn't exactly the same as the recipe I use because that one is out of a cook book and I couldn't find it online. The best thing is that it only uses cocoa so there is no need to go to the shops!

Hopefully you have gotten the chocolate fix you were after using one of these recipes. Make sure you have butter, sugar and cocoa all the time and you will never be short of chocolate!

Let me know in the comments below if you have another quick recipe you love to make when you need some chocolate!


QOTD: What is your favourite chocolate?

AOTD: Probably Lindt plain chocolate or Cadbury dairy milk, or caramel!

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