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Hey there,
A few weeks ago Kristina, from life in a nutshell, and I decided to swap posts for our blogs on the 20th of every month. To see my post for today check out Kristina's blog my life in a nutshell. Enjoy

Hi, my name is Krissi and I am super excited to start posting! Since this is the second post on my blog and the first post on Poppy & Mop I thought it would be great to get to know me so here are ten things to know about me!

1.       My favourite colour is pink

2.       I love lasagne!!! Once in grade 5 we were learning about planets and formation. We had to create a story about a rocket landing on a made-up planet and the inhabitants of my planet were literally lasagne with eyes and a mouth.

3.       I can speak Italian. I learnt through school even though my grandparents were Italian.

4.       My dream is to write a book (although I’m not motivated enough to, if it happens I’ll let you know)!

5.       I’m absolutely terrified of the dentist and spiders. Just a few days ago I had a spider land on my bed – I literally looked away for one second, looked back and there it was. I went as pale as a ghost and FREAKED OUT!

6.       I am very superstitious and I have one personal superstition – believe it if you want but… It is that if you see the clock change from [hour]:59 to [hour]:00 you will have super bad luck for the next hour and if you see the clock change from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am you will have bad luck for that whole day.

7.       My pet peeve is when people rub out the white board but miss just one tiny spot and I cringe so hard I die a little inside. It annoys the hell out of me.

8.       I will not die without going to New York. It is very high on my bucket list!

9.       My star sign is Aries

10.   I am a very good advice-giver. So many people always approach me with their life issues and I am always happy to lend a hand.

So now you know ten ridiculously random things about me! I am really pumped about posting on Poppy & Mop and would love for you to all check out my blog, life in a nutshell.
See you next month
xx Krissi
PS.Feel free to leave any comments for me on poppyandmop and Poppy will let me know so I can reply.

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