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What I've read recently

Hey there,
I'm so busy at the moment it is almost ridiculous. The first week back at school for the final term of this year has been very full on and to be honest I can't wait until this term is over. I find that during the school term I get very stressed and worry about the smallest things. One of the things I do to help manage this stress and worry is reading. I try my best to read for at least half an hour every night to help myself relax and get ready for a good sleep before a new day. Today I am going to share some of the books I have read in the last few weeks.

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley- I read this book while I was away in Queensland and I enjoyed it but did find it a bit confusing at times. The story follows Rachel Sweetie and Henry Jones, two teenagers who were once best friends- but that was before Rachel moved away. After years with no contact Rachel moves back, grieving for her brother and tries to blend back into the life she left behind. This is a romance novel by an Australian YA author, I definitely recommend it.

The Memory Book by Lara Avery- I loved this beautiful book and the way it was written. Sammy McCoy is on the way to graduating at the top of her class, moving away from the small town she hates and going to her dream school. Nothing will stop her from getting there, not even the rare disease that she has been told will steal both her memories and her health. Written to her future self the memory book is Sammy's way of trying to secure her future in a world that seems against her.

Nothing Tastes as Good by Claire Hennessy- This book was different to many things I've read before and I really enjoyed it. Annabel is dead and has been assigned to 'help' Julia. Annabel thinks the problem is obvious- Julia is fat and being fat makes you unhappy. But as the story unfolds and Annabel learns more about Julia the real problems start to appear.

Only We Know by Simon Packham- A very interesting book that I could barely put down. New, school, new town, new Lauren. Lauren's family have moved from their previous home very suddenly, with no obvious explanation (or at least not that we know of). Lauren settles into her new life until she sees Harry, a boy from her old life, a boy who could let her secret out. Just as Lauren was settling her past starts coming back, the text isn't it time your new friends knew about you' being only the beginning.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of these books if you have read them.

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  1. Oh I love reading!! Right now I'm reading Teardrop. I think that's what it's called! Your blog is cute! :)
    P.S I'm a new blogger if you want to check out my blog or leave a comment! ;P

    1. Hi Katie,
      I love reading too. Thanks for your lovely comment, your blog looks wonderful as well.


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