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6 easy steps to starting your own bullet journal!

It's almost Christmas time! That means lots of Christmas carols, it's getting hotter (or colder) and lots and lots of gift giving! It can be hard to keep track of all the things you have to do around Christmas time, and it can also be a great time to start bullet journaling! Don't put it off until next year, grab yourself a notebook and get ready for December. Below I will share my easy steps to creating your own bullet journal.

1.Get yourself a notebook and a pen!
Simple as that, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just grab the empty notebook sitting in your top draw or a simple one from the local office supplies store. You can, of course, go fancy and get a proper bullet journal, like I have, but it is not necessary and I would probably recommend trying the system using some normal (and less expensive) notebooks first.
As for pens, they can be anything, I use a uni pin fine line 0.2, but anything will work- just make sure it doesn't go through the paper.

2.Create an index
Or a contents page. Some books already have the built in, but if not simply title the page index and use it to record the pages that things are located in (you may want to leave 2 pages for your index). This makes it heaps easier to find the things that you need.

3.Create a yearly spread.
You can do this any way you want, you could have a list of the things you need to do or events scheduled for each month under sub-headings or you could go full out and create a mini-calendar. This gives you the ability to plan ahead, especially useful for things like school holidays or birthdays. Make sure you add it to your index!

4. Create your monthly spread.

Googling 'bullet journal monthly spreads' will bring up heaps of images of different ideas. Personally I like the idea of a calendar to record events for that month, but find what works for you. This is a more detailed view of your yearly spread for each month. Don't forget to add it into your index.
5. Create your weekly spread
These weekly spreads are the bits of my bullet journal I use the most, and therefore spent the most time perfecting. Generally I will have a small rectangle dedicated to each day, where I can record events and tasks for that day, a study/homework tracker and notes/coming up area. Once again, make sure you find what works for you. Look on pinterest of google for inspiration.

6.Add anything else you want!
The best thing about bullet journals is how easy they are to customise. Simply open to a new page, record it in your index, and fill it with whatever you need. In this post I shared a list of page ideas for your bullet journal. Also make sure you look on pinterest and bullet journaling sites to find more great ideas.

Hopefully these easy steps to starting your own bullet journal have helped you start your own bullet journal. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this post, and any easy steps you have for new bullet journalers.

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