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Having an Creative Outlet

Did you enjoy my bullet journal post? I loved writing it! Writing blog posts gives me a chance to have a break from school, and all the other things I have to do, it lets me be myself and have a chance to share my ideas. Today I wanted to share some thoughts about having a creative outlet, such as this one, and what it does for me...enjoy!

Before you go 'oh, I'm not creative', consider this: creativity doesn't have to be painting drawing (which is lucky for me, I cannot do either), it, by definition, is use of imagination or original ideas to create something. Creativity simply means using your imagination to create something. And that something can be anything...from a photo, to a story, or even a blog. Don't tell yourself creative outlets are never going to work for you because you aren't creative. Everyone has an imagination- it's the thing that keeps you up at night worrying about what's going to happen tomorrow, and the thing stopping you from climbing a tree- because you are imagining falling. Don't let your imagination be wasted- use it for good!

Our world has become so obsessed with doing everything 'right' that we are losing our creativity. At school, I am constantly told exactly how to do something- and that there is no alternative. We almost never do something just to 'get it out', everything is about meeting deadlines, being good and getting it done well, quickly. Having some way to keep a hold of your creativity is really important, and it can make a whole lot of difference in later life. Expressing yourself and taking some time to do what you want is vital to staying mentally-healthy.

For me, having a creative outlet is really important, everything is always so serious and fact-based that I need some time to just do whatever I want and not let it be right or wrong. A creative outlet allows me to be free to express myself, without worrying about how it will affect me later. Even art classes at school cannot really be counted as a creative outlet because there is a lot of pressure to do something, and that can take the fun away from it.

One of the ways I use my creativity is through blogging. Whilst blogging is not necessarily entirely creative- it does give me the freedom to say whatever I want, without having to worry about what other people will think. It lets me get my opinions heard, when they may not be heard otherwise...

I find that blogging, and the other creative things I do, helps me de-stress and re-focus. When I have a huge day with lots of studying and/or homework, taking a small break to blog, take a few photos or just write helps me concentrate and be much more focused on what I need to do. Having a break to do something I love, and use some of the other parts of my brain really is one of the most effective ways for me to get a lot done.

Hopefully, from reading that, you understand why I believe a creative outlet is important. I assume, that you are now considering taking up some form of creative outlet yourself (if you don't already have one). Remember, when you are choosing \what you want to use to express yourself make sure it is
  • Fun and enjoyable- having something that just stresses you out is not going to achieve anything.
  • Not too time-consuming- make sure that you can fit whatever you choose into your schedule i.e. don't take up blogging if you will never be able to find the time to post.
  • Not based on what other people think- it's their loss if they don't like something you do, and choosing something just because that's what everyone else is doing is not a great way to find a way to express yourself. Different things work for different people.
  • Not full of pressure- doing something creative with pressure to do well, or succeed is sometimes great. But never forget that it is important to have some no-pressure time to just express yourself too.
I'd love to know what you do to express yourself, maybe I can find a new creative outlet, let me your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to take some me time once in a while.

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