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Let's Stop Complaining

Yesterday I saw this quote on pinterest (it is from here)
love this!:
It got me thinking. Why are people always complaining? Why do we always forget all the good things when one thing goes wrong? Don't worry, I'm guilty of it too. I undestand that a lot of people, myself included, try to be positive and make the best of most situations, but we still end up complaining an awful lot. I think that we all need to learn that it's not the end of the world, everything happens for a reason and we need to be grateful for what we have, not worried about what we don't have or think we want, or the things that we might need to do.

When you walk through the school corridors all I seem to hear is 'ugh, I've got (insert subject here) next' or 'ugh, why do we have to be here' or 'that test was so hard- they didn't teach us anything' Thin k about it for a second. Not one of those things is positive. No one seems to care that they are gifted to be at such a good school, and be able to learn things, and choose the subjects they want to learn. It's all about the bad things. And yes, I understand that people are positive sometimes, but the vast majority of the time everyone is complaining about one thing or another.

All these thoughts on Sunday, let me to pay close attention to the things I heard today, and I noticed (probably more than I usually would) the amount of time everyone wastes complaining about things. Nothing is going to get better if you just spend all your time wishing it was different and complaining about it. I then decided to do some research, and I found that it is common, across all ages, for people to complain ALL THE TIME. I also found that complaining is important, you need to get negative thoughts out. I just do not believe that you should complain all the time about everything, as seems to be the case.

People complain for all sorts of reasons, sometimes they think it will get things fixed (and sometimes it will), sometimes they just want everyone to know what is wrong, and sometimes they think that focusing on the problem will make it solve itself (new flash: it won't). And sometimes letting someone know when something is wrong is important. But it is also important to realise that complaining about everything makes it impossible for you to see the ways you are blessed, and to be positive. It has been scientifically proven that positive thoughts are really good for your mental health, and complaining squashes these positive thoughts.

Which leads me to my challenge, finally, I would love it if we could all try and just for 24hrs not complain once- not a single time. Give it a go and see how much better you feel. After this 24hrs you may be more aware of your nasty complaining habit and you can then focus on complaining less. I know that it is one of my goals for this week.

I really encourage you to give it a go, instead of thinking 'oh, I don't like (insert meal here)' think 'at least I have a hot meal to eat'.

Let me know in the comments why you think we're are so addicted to complaining. What is it that makes it impossible for us to be thankful, and why do we, unknowingly and unwillingly, constantly complain about things- wishing they were different and/or better?

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