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Productivity Tips

This week is, for me, one of the busiest times of the year. All my assessment for school is on and if I am honest I find it pretty difficult to manage my time effectively. Today I wanted to share 10 productivity tips that I have discovered (and I did do some research) in the hope that it will help you to be more productive.

1.Be neat and tidy
Have an area to work that is not cluttered will save you time- you don't have to clear space before you start and you can focus all your attention on what you are doing.

2.Find some peace and quiet.
Get away from the noise and conversations and be alone in a quiet area. I like to listen to music to help me stay interested.

3.Use a planner (or a bullet journal)
Know when you are busy, and plan accordingly.

4.Create to-do lists
Have a clear idea of what you need to do, and which things are the most important.

5.Work out how much time to spend on each task, and stick to it.
Create a timetable, or allocate half-an-hour to an hour for each task- but make sure your timing is realistic and you stick to it.

6. Remove distractions
If you can't resist, or get distracted easily remove this distractions. Turn your phone off, and put it across the room, log out of social media and stay focused.

7.Don't multitask
While it might seem like a good idea, doing one thing at a time will help you stay focused and do a better job.

8.Set yourself goals.
Set yourself realistic goals for when things need to be completed, and stick to them.

9.Get up early
Start your day early and tackle the big tasks before you get distracted by other things.

10.Reward yourself
Just finished a big task, reward yourself with a treat (or a break) or some time reading or on social media.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your time. Let me know what things you do to make yourself get more done- I'd really appreciate some tips.

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