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9 things I love about Christmas

It's that time of the year again! Christmas! I absolutely love this time of year, everyone seems so happy and joyful. Here are  9 things I love about the festive season!

1.The Christmas Carols
Christmas music makes me so happy. I love listening to it as often as I can (even if it feels to early)

2.Everyone is so happy
Something about the holiday season makes everyone so happy. Christmas is one of those things that most people look forward to and in the days leading up to it everyone has something to look forward to and a reason to be happy.

3.Start of the summer holidays
The end of the school year is always fun, not much work gets done! And because I live in Australia we get a seven week break starting a week or two before Christmas! What more could you ask for?

4.Seeing distant family
My mum's family is huge, and the only time I really get to see all of them is at Christmas dinner. It's really nice to see people who I haven't seen in ages (even though sometimes I don't recognise them until after they've left). And of course, I get to spend some time with Mop.

5.Buying presents for people
I absolutely love taking the time to find a gift that someone will really love, and their face when I give it to them.

6.Wrapping presents
I have a weird fascination with wrapping presents, I love it!

Christmas food makes me happy. Gingerbread, cookies and little treats are as fun to make as they are to eat. Tomorrow I'm going to try and make mini Christmas trees with strawberries and green chocolate. (don't know how well its gonna go)

8.Setting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house
Nothing says the start of December like setting up the Christmas tree, the shops always seem to do it really early, but my family usually waits until the first of December (sometimes later). I love pulling out all the decorations I've made, or bought.

9.The food
Nothing beats Christmas food. When else can you eat 3 desserts? And PAVLOVA!

I'm so excited for Christmas! We are getting close now! What are your favourite things about Christmas?
Have a great week

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  1. GAH yess!! This all makes me so excited for Christmas! :) ♥



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