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goodbye 2016

Wow! The sun has just risen on what is the last day of 2016. It always seems that the start of the year drags on and then you blink and the year is over. Today I am going to share a few things, looking back on 2016.

First of all, I've chosen my favourite memory from each month to share.
JAN: Camping at the coast
FEB: Seeing all my friends again.
MAR: Easter camping
APR: Spending lots of time with Family.
MAY: Beautiful autumn leaves and evening walks.
JUNE: My birthday
JULY: Seeing the snow
AUG: Time with friends
SEPT: Queensland
OCT: Whale Watching at the lighthouse
NOV: Finding out about an overseas holiday next year
DEC: Christmas

Next, I am going to share a short letter I have written, as seems to be a common thing in the blogging world.

Dear 2016...
Everyone keeps saying what a horrible year you have been. And I know that some things have been difficult. But it hasn't all be horrible, lots of amazing things have happened in the past 12 months and I have certainly learnt a lot of lessons.
To begin the year, I had a wonderful time camping at the coast. A relaxing and fun way to end the summer holidays and begin my 9th year at school.
Adjusting to all the new pressures, stress and challenges that came along with this new year proved to be a challenge, but before I knew it term one was over...and I'd learnt important lessons about dealing with pressure and coping with change.
March came with a welcome break, in the form of the Easter  long weekend. Abi and I went camping in the mountains and while mother nature might have tested our resistance to the below freezing temperatures it was nice to get away.
April and May  flew by, helped along by mountains of never ending school work.
By the time it was June and my birthday, I could barely believe the year was half over. I had an amazing birthday, and go to see a lot of my family and friends.
July brought with it a wonderful trip to the snow, and a week of chickenpox. Being out for a week gave me a chance to get ahead of my school work, preventing the stressful last minute work I'd dealt with in the first semester.
August was reasonably uneventful, what you could call a normal month.
September was one of the best months of the year for me...because it contained my trip to Queensland.
October was when it began to get warmer. My family and I were lucky enough to go to a lighthouse and watch some whales.
November was Abi's birthday, and we got to start planning our overseas trip for next year .
And all of a sudden it was December, and Christmas time!
You have taught me many lessons, 2016. I've learnt and grown a lot and am very different from the person I was 12 months ago.
Thank you,
xxx Poppy

I hope you enjoyed reading about my year, and I'd love to hear your goodbye 2016 letters in the comments below. In the next few days I will be sharing a list of projects for 2017, so stay tuned! Have a wonderful New Year,
see you next year,

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  1. The letter to 2016 is a wonderful idea! How is it that I have not seen more of these in my feed? I am in love with this post! It has been a learning year for sure!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I'm glad you liked the letter. It was fun to write and a great way to reflect on the year.


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