Shopping and arty things

Today Poppy and I went shopping (with my mum). We got some pretty cool stuff, and I might (?) make an outfit post because clothes was pretty much all we got.

We went to Sportsgirl where Poppy got a bag and I got cactus socks which are the bomb x100. From Cotton On I got shorts, a dress and more socks, and Poppy got socks and pjs. We went to Myer where I got a towel (it's high key the best thing I'll ever own) and a skirt. Later we got on a bus to another shopping center and I got adidas Superstars. 

Anyhow, lately I've been really interested in the Lowbrow art scene. The movement started underground in California during the 1970s, but has lately resurged in my city (in Australia). Here are some of my favourite artworks.
Claudia Ducalia´s piece from her single exhibition, "Forma Mentis". 
Ray Ceaser's "Calamity"

peace out dudes

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