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My Back to School Goals for 2017

Gah! I don’t know where the summer holidays have gone, but tomorrow is my first day at school for the year. I’m kind of excited, because I am doing some fun subjects this year, but then again, the thought of studying and homework does not appeal to me (or anyone really).

One of the worst things about going back to school is having to set goals for myself, and share them with my teachers. I have no issue setting goals, and I think that it is important to know what you need to do and what you want to achieve. BUT I don’t like having to share and discuss them with my teachers (again, I don’t think anyone does), so I am going to put my goals on here, where I can be reminded of them, and share them so I stick to them…but don’t have to talk to anyone about them. So here goes…

1.Always give it my best

Especially towards the end of the term, I find it hard to stay motivated and always give my best effort. This year I want to focus on always trying to do the best I can, and not just settling for what I think is the bare minimum. I also think I need to accept that sometimes I am just going to have to live with something not being perfect, and that it ok, as long as I tried as hard as I could.

2.Manage my time effectively.

I am a perfectionist, and sometimes (when you are trying to get something done) it is a bit of a curse. I am not saying that I want to stop doing my best (because that would be going against what I just said in my first goal). But I do want to try and learn to balance my time and recognise when I have done a good job, instead of trying to make it better when there are other things I could be doing.

Those are my two main goals for the year, I plan to have other ones, that might be a bit more short term. But I hope that by sharing them, and taking the time to really think about what goals I wanted to set, I will be able to keep to them throughout the year.

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