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Camping- January 2017

It's gotten to that time, I'm sure you know what I mean. The start of the school year is alright, meeting your new teachers and getting to know your classrooms, but most of all not having any stress! But by now you've gotten used to everything and exactly how long the school year is going to be has set in. (It always makes me wonder how we get through every class of every day- that's almost 200 days!).

I'm starting to miss the endless nothings of the holidays. Which makes this the perfect time for a holiday post.
I've (finally) gotten around to editing all the photos from my summer camping trip, and today I am going to be sharing some of my favourites (plus some stories) with you.

But first I'd better explain. Every year my family go camping with 4 other families in the last week of the school holidays. For the last 8 (I think?) years we've gone to the coast. But this year we went inland, to a river north of Sydney in New South Whales.

It took a while to find, but the camping spot was amazing. It was a private property right on the river, with a stunning tree avenue and countless piles of things to explore. The first few days were incredibly hot, 40 degrees Celsius on one of them! So the river was the best place to be. The cooler days were perfect to take photos on, I reckon I could have spent hours and hours just looking at things to take photos of. Even as it was, I ended up with almost 500 photos to sort through. I haven't been through all of them yet, but I've had a quick look and picked some of my favourites for you. Enjoy xx.

Let me know if you liked these photos in the comments below!

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  1. Great photos - I especially love the black and white one, it almost looks like a waterfall

  2. I love these photographs 😍

    1. Thanks Abby,I'm glad you liked them xxx


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