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Morning routine

I started my 10th year of school on Tuesday, this being the third year of high school in Australia. It's always a struggle to get back into routine, especially if you've been sleeping in super late during the holidays. Fortunately I never really sleep in, the latest I've ever slept till being about 8:30, after being up till almost two. This makes it much easier for me to adjust back into getting up early, although it still isn't much fun. Today I am going to be sharing my typical weekday morning routine, I'd love to hear what makes school mornings easier for you in the comments below!

6:15am- Alarm goes off, get up (which could take a few minutes), and make bed.
6:20am- Start yoga (I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge at the moment, on youtube. more on that in another post.)
6:35-40am- Finish yoga, get dressed. (I usually iron my uniform and have it already out to make things easier.
6:45am- Do hair (would you like me to share a school hairstyles post?)
6:50-7:00am- Make lunch, and breakfast. (I usually have some berries and nuts for a snack, and a salad wrap for lunch, and this amazing smoothie bowl (sometimes only half) for breakfast)).
7:20-7:25am- Brush teeth, sunscreen and moisturiser.
7:35am- Pack bag, and fill water bottle.
7:55am- Leave for bus.

Hopefully you have some kind of routine to make the mornings easier, and I'd love to hear any tips you have in the comments below.

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