Let's Have Some Fun!

Often things are so stressful and serious the little fun that could have been in them evaporates. It is so important, especially when you are stressed, to take some time out and have some fun. Today I have complied a list of fun things you can do, some without spending any money.

1.Take some photos

Easy, you could just use your phone if you don't have a camera. Another great idea is to take a friend, and spend some time taking photos of each other- Abi and I do this sometimes and we can waste hours trying to get the perfect shot.

2.Go to the movies

Simple, but if you haven't been in a while it is always fun to go and see a new movie with your friends, or family.

3.Make a bucket list

It's always fun to plan something for the future, and a bucket list is super easy.

4.Shopping/Window shopping

If you have just had a birthday, and have some vouchers or money to spend, why not grab a friend and go shopping together. 

5.Learn to bake

Look up a recipe and have a go at making it. This can be really fun if you have some friends or family doing it with you, and if it works out you have something delicious to eat!

What other ideas of fun things do you have?


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