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Sydney Photo Diary- City

Hello lovelies,
I am writing this about two hours after arriving home from an amazing weekend away with Abi  and her mum and sister. It's my birthday pretty soon and they decided to take me to Sydney for the long weekend.

We left on Friday afternoon, leaving school a bit early (and missing religion :-)) and arrived around dinner time. After having a good nights sleep, we began our big day in the city.

We caught the bus into the city, a bit longer than we are used to in our smaller city. And Abi and I listened to a spotify playlist (after realising we should probably have created and downloaded one onto my phone, with both of our music on it).

Arriving in the city, Abi and I were slightly awed by the huge skyscrapers and bustling city, people going about their everyday lives. Sydney is so much bigger than the city we live in, and it is a bit of an adjustment.

Our first stop was Pitt Street mall. We visited a few shops, getting t-shirts from sportsgirl, jumpers from cotton on and some lunch from Grill'd.
After lunch we walked over to the Queen Victoria Building, where we visited the Haigs- the best chocolate shop (in our opinion). Free samples from Haigs gave us the energy to continue our adventures, and we moved on and walked through the Queen Victoria Building.

Next up was Miss Shop, where we spent an awfully long time (mostly Abi trying things on with the help of her new best friend, the personal stylist)

The Galleries Victoria was next on the list, with a lengthy stay in their bookstore. Partly to rest our tired feet, and partly to enjoy all those amazing books.

After Galleries Victoria we dragged our tired feet down to the harbour for Vivid, which deserves a whole post to itself- coming on Thursday.

Did you enjoy this post? Would you like to see more of these kinds of photo-diaries? Have you ever been to Sydney?

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