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Winter Activities

Winter is a generally a boring time for me. I play sport in winter- but everything else is just so boring, and it feels like there is nothing to do.

1.     Go thrifting
2.     Become a member of your local library
3.     Take a bus around your city with your friends
4.     Take a community course
5.     Make art
6.     Explore your city
7.     Have a picnic
8.     Find the best coffee shop in your area
9.     Get fit using the Lorna Jane fitness app
1.  Take an edX course
1.  Make a blog
1.  Play with your cousins or siblings
1.  Make new friends
1.  Get a job
1.  Learn a language on Duo Lingo
1.  Start a YouTube channel
1.  Learn how to game
1.  Read poetry
1.  Write poetry
2.  Read classic literature
2.  Find a new band to love
2.  Write a song
2.  Have a mini photoshoot with your friends
2.  Sing
2.  Clean your room (just kidding)
2.  Take photos in your backyard
2.  Cook
2.  Binge watch TV
2.  Learn to code
3.  Write an opinion piece
3.  Pretend to be a self-entitled letter writer for a day and send something to your local newspaper- referably on an irrelevant issue that you know nothing about
3.  Make new friends
3.  Wear something different
3.  Get fish
3.  Sew
3.  Go to a museum
3.  Go to the Gallery
3.  Be a mall rat
3.  Go camping
4.  Go to yard sales
4.  Get your boat license
xx Abi

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