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Singapore 2017 Part 1

"Travel sparks our imagination,
feeds our curiosity,
& reminds us how much we all have in common"
-Deborah Llyod
Over my school holidays my family and I went on an amazing holiday to Singapore, a country in South-East Asia.

The adventure gave me the chance to experiment with my camera (my first time overseas with it!) and explore a different and fascinating culture.

I enjoyed every minute of the holiday (not least because it is hot over there and mid winter here) and can't wait to share some stories and photos with you in the next few blog posts.

Day 1:
We started super early on day 1, and headed to the airport to catch our flight to Sydney. In Sydney we had plenty of time to spare and spent some time in the lounge and browsing the shops. Finally the time came for us to board our flight to Singapore, we were all very excited (not about the 8 hour flight) and quickly settled into our seats.  (Excuse the photos, they were taken on my phone not my camera)

When we finally arrived in Singapore it was time for the wolly jackets and hats to come off- we were greeted by a warm 25 degrees and a stunning view of the city's lights.

Exhaustion overcome us all and it was straight to bed as soon as we arrived at the hotel.

Day 2:
We woke at about 8 and after taking our time to get ready for the day we headed down to find breakfast- only to discover that Singapore is a 10-10 country, only one place was open! We ate here (and it was pretty good), I had a delicious berry acai bowl.

After a slow breakfast we were ready to head out, we caught a bus to Orchard Road, the "retail and entertainment hub of Singapore". The road goes for about 2km and has 44 shopping malls! Needless to say we were not bored, and only slightly lost. We spend the best part of the rest of the day exploring the never ending shops and getting ourselves used to the scale of the city.

After a quick swim back at the hotel we headed to Chinatown for dinner. We spent a while exploring the winding streets and all the things on offer before settling at a outdoor food court style area for dinner. It was amazing food!

Day 3:
Another early start on day three as we caught a taxi to the zoo for breakfast with the orangutans.

After breakfast we walked around the zoo for a bit, meeting many of the different animals (my favourite was the polar bear).

Inuka, the polar bear

A cheetah (I was glad there was glass between it and me)


Giant Tortoises

An Elephant

A South American Tapir.

After the zoo we went to the river safari, which is essentially another zoo. Most of the animals here were in aquariums but there were a few that weren't (including the red pandas, which are my favourite animal, and giant pandas).
A giant sting-ray

An alligator
A red panda <3

A giant panda.

After the river safari we were all exhausted so we headed back to the hotel, getting our first experience of the Singapore trains along the way. For dinner that night we ordered Indian to be delivered to our hotel room.

This holiday was way to long to fit into one blog post, so I've split it into four (the next one will have days 4,5 & 6, the one after that days 7,8,9&10, and the last one some of the tips and things I learnt). I can't wait to share some more photos with you.

Have you ever been overseas? Or to Singapore? What were you favourite things? Do you have any tips for me?

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  1. love it the giant panda is now my favorite animal
    xoxo H


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