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"Fill your live with adventures not things
have stories to share not stuff to show"
I'm no expert in travel photography, or travelling or photography. But I did just get back from my first overseas trip with my digital camera. While on this trip I learnt some valuable things that I am going to share with you today. 
1. Don't take too much of your camera stuff
I didn't have room to take all of my camera stuff and didn't regret it. I had to carry everything I wanted for each day in my backpack all day and it was very impractical to have too much camera stuff. I left my large tripod, extension tubes and spare SD card at home. 

2. Make sure you take a large enough SD card and laptop for photos.
I tool 1100 photos in 10 days. These all would have fitted on my SD card because it was a 64gb one, however I did take most of them off the SD and put them on the computer during my holiday. That way I could edit them when I had some down time. There would be nothing worse than having to delete photos because you don't have enough room on your SD card.

3.Get yourself a wide angle lens.
I bought one while overseas and while I was reluctant to buy one at the time I am glad that I did. In fact I wish I had bought it earlier. A wide angle lens allows you to fit more in the photo. This is super valuable, especially for photos of scenery. You can also get them to clip on your phone.

4. Take photos of everything.
Not literally, but if you see something and think it would make a good photo take the photo. You never know what will come out of it.

5. Take photos of the little things
Things like signs, crowds, food, etc. These kinds of things remind you of what it was like to be in the city.

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  1. I always try not to avoid the crowds, or people in the street. This just adds to the authenticity of the photo and captures the city better.

    1. That is a great tip, sometimes photos can look fake if they have no people in them- espeially places that are usually crowded.


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