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Places I'd Love to Go

"We have nothing to loose, and a world to see"///

I love looking at places to visit. I spend hours looking through pinterest at photos from other people's adventures. Today I have a short list (it took a while to get it down from very, very, very long).

1. New York
2. Greece
3. Italy
4. Paris
5. Canada
6. Melbourne
7. Tasmania
8. Thailand
9. Hawaii
10. South America
11. Norway
12. London
13. Germany
14. Scotland
15. Florida.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Where would you like to go?

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  1. "Life is too short to stay in one place ".....For me Travel is the ultimate experience...Yes I have been to all the place on your list ...although I haven't spent a lot of time in Canada. To see new Cities , landscapes and meet people from different cultures, to hear new languages for me is a totally fulfilling experience.. We live in the Southern Hemisphere , Christmas spent in the Northern Hemisphere Winter is one of my alltime best memories..

    1. Yes, I would love to have a white Christmas one year. I love experience the culture of a new place, learning how similar it really is to where you live.

  2. I'm from Canada but I lived in Lebanon for 4 years and I've also been to Cuba and Brazil. I've always wanted to go to Italy and Dubai and England and New York and Australia. Basically I want to travel the whole globe

    1. That's the best way to put it- I want to travel the globe.
      Glad you liked the post.


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