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The other day I shared this post about some thoughts on school. Today I am going to share some resources and tips that I use to understand the things that I learn at school.

1. Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a organisation that provides videos, lessons, notes and tests on a variety of different subjects. I find this website usefull, and you can even download the app for some devices.

2. Crash Course
Crash course can be found on youtube, and they have heaps of videos about history, science, religion and some videos on other subjects. I use crash course videos all the time, because they are super short and give you a great basic understanding.

3.Flash Cards
To study for tests, and learn things, I write notes in colours on flash cards, and revise them a few times a day. This constant revision makes it easier to remember and understand things.

4.Stay organised 
It is hard to have the time to properly learn and understand things if you are always in a rush. Try and organise your time and give yourself plenty of space.

5.Study in blocks. 
No one can study for a solid 4 hrs (not anyone that I know of at least). Try breaking your time in 25 or 30 minute chunks, and take a walk or have some tea in between them.

I'm no expert but hopefully these tips can help you like they help me.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any other tips that you have.


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  1. Plenty of Sleep is important..Also eating regular healthy meals

    1. Of course, fuelling your body well gives you the energy you need. Exercise is also important to keep yourself healthy - not everything is about school and that is an important thing to realise.
      Thanks for the comment,


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